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Cogento (a superhero‘s adventure into humanism)

Book cover - Cogento (a superhero‘s adventure into humanism)

Author: Thü
ISBN-10: 3033075010
ISBN-13: 978-3033075016
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Who hasn't dreamed of possessing special abilities in order to change the world? For Vaughan Macrae, this became a surprising reality when he discovered that he might have been given the most useful gift of all. But would he actually know how to use it meaningfully?

(Recommended reading age from approx. 16 years)

How do you motivate young people about topics like humanism or politics? In Cogento, the adventures of a young man with extraordinary abilities also leads the reader into philosophical and political realms as this inadvertent superhero tries to improve the world. This gives young people a book to hand that not only serves as entertainment, but also conveys important values and enlightenment.

Professor Richard Dawkins has his first official appearance as a literary figure in Cogento.

The author says: “I told Mr. Dawkins, my intention is to reach people who probably would never take up one of his books. Anyway, religious parents would not allow a kid to read a book obviously written by a well-known sceptic – but a seemingly simple fantasy book may not make them suspicious and would therefore be able to get through the parent’s religious barrier to those kids, who probably most need to learn critical thinking. So, I mixed Philosophy and Humanism into what is mainly the adventure story of a superhero.”

A fascinating thought experiment and a cool introduction to philosophy and world politics for young people.

About the Authors

Thü is a member of The Brights and the Swiss Freethinkers. Raised catholic first, he soon enlightened himself through his love for Science Fiction and Astronomy. Born in 1969 in Switzerland, he later lived in South America for many years. He was art director and illustrator of Macworld and Computerworld magazines and currently works as an independent designer in Switzerland. Earlier publications include the cartoon series “Fermi’s View”, the audio books “B.O.X. Bureau of the Unexplained”, which were created in collaboration with his three children. He also writes the blog “Thü‘s Audiophile Magazine”. Cogento is his first great novel.

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