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Essays on Everything: Short and sweet for the American attention span

Author: Dan Fruzzetti
ISBN: 978-1-4528-8915-3 / 1-4528-8915-3
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The book discusses the author's take on the Brights Movement, explaining why he defines himself as a naturalist and not an atheist, discussing places he thinks we should be putting our interest; instead of looking backward trying to please a superstitious imaginary father figure, we should be looking forward trying to make the best of the next generation of us.

From the Publisher

"Essays on Everything" is a collection of very short essays, each no more than a few pages, discussing topics from child rearing to calculus to religion to the future of the human race.

Each essay is independent so it can be read in or out of order; they all touch on intellectual or deep topics as understood by author Dan Fruzzetti.

Essays on Everything goes wonderfully on or in any coffee table, bathroom reading rack, backpack, or glove compartment. The author intended the essays to serve as jumping-off points for exploratory discussions between friends, lovers, teachers, and students.

This is Volume I of III; if you enjoy these thoughts or feel validated by reading these essays, you can expect Volume II around December 2011 and Volume III around May 2012.

About the Author

Dan Fruzzetti is a math teacher living in the USA who enjoys writing-for-pleasure and writing-for-hire. He has a unique talent for explaining difficult or obscure concepts to others in ways that they can not only understand but also apply immediately.

In 2004 he began writing his own math courses because he felt courses available were inadequate for his students' needs; in 2009 he started writing for pleasure. Of course, he still teaches math to pay the mortgage!

(The author's faith is in the human race, not in ancient superstition.)


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