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Faith Is Not Enough

Author: Stephen Horne & Richard Robertson
ISBN-13: 978-1-85756-746-5
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Book Description

This controversial book is designed to stimulate debate about the roles of religion and other ideologies in the suppression of rational thought - including the idea that the world is not governed in any way by supernatural forces. It brings to the fore issues such as indoctrination of children and adults into religious and other irrational ideas, which can lead to gross intolerance of other viewpoints.

Not only does this book argue its points clearly and informatively, but the authors also show the contradictions, flaws and hypocrisy of each religion and belief system, with the objective of encouraging people to think rationally and independently, thereby promoting human development and individualism.

Parts of the Introduction summarise the main intent of the book: 'Our contention is that a world populated by people who do not believe everything around us springs from, and is somehow controlled by, supernatural forces would be a great improvement on our current situation. We further contend that to acknowledge death as the complete ending of life enables us to value life much more highly and to consider quality of life as being of the utmost importance. If we reject concepts of heaven and hell then life now, on earth, is our one chance to be and to leave a legacy of some sort. There is no second opportunity.'

Furthermore: 'For beliefs to gain respect, they must stand up to critical analysis and rational debate and they must be based on evidence which can be tested using rational criteria to establish its veracity. What this book represents is a rejection of the notion of unsupported faith and the authority of single sources of 'truth' such as religious books or simplified ideologies.'

Various ways of becoming active in promoting rational thought, including joining the Brights, are suggested in the book and the advantages which would arise from living in a more rational world are emphasised. Jean-Paul Sartre perhaps summarised it best: "Man is nothing else but that which he makes of himself."

About the Author

Stephen Horne and Richard Robertson have both held senior positions in science departments in high schools and colleges around the world, including the U.K., U.S.A., North Africa and the Middle East. Richard is still teaching, and encouraging rational thought, somewhere in the Middle East and Stephen is now teaching part-time in Southern Europe.

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