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Genesis 2.0 - The Search for the Truth Continues

Author: Dr. Les Howarth
ISBN (paperback): 0-595-26287-2
ISBN (hardcover): 0-595-65569-6
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It is probable that the superstitious people in the Middle East who wrote down their theory on how the universe, Earth and life were formed about 4,000 years ago were largely ignorant of the sciences of cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, paleontology and geology, etc. However, in spite of the huge progress and success of science over the last few hundred years there are still a number of people who insist that the biblical creation story is literally true in spite of a number of serious difficulties.

Genesis 2.0 was written as a result of discussions with such fundamentalist, literalist creationists and provides a review of published scientific evidence that leads to a personal presentation of an updated version of the story of how the universe was formed from a quantum vacuum through to the origin and evolution of life from chemical processes.

This book should interest and inform you whatever your beliefs...

About the Author

Dr. Les Howarth is trained as a chemist, but has also had training and experience of biochemistry, geology, materials science and statistics. His career has mainly been in industrial research and development on a range of projects such as work on dental cements, clays, inks and coatings. He is currently employed as a chemistry pataent analyst and holds B.Sc. In Applied Chemistry, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in colloid chemistry.

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