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God probably doesn't exist

Author: Patrick Lindenfors
ISBN-10: 9-186-06137-2
ISBN-13: 978-9186061371
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Adults are not the only ones capable of questioning religious truths. On the contrary, many adolescents find themselves tackling these difficult and complex issues. In spite of this, books summarizing a secular view of life for children and young adults are scarce and hard to find.

This is what Patrik Lindenfors aims to rectify with his book "God Probably Doesn't Exist."

To doubt is to think for oneself. Patrik Lindenfors presents a world without myths and supernatural beings in this contemplative and open-minded book. “God Probably Doesn’t Exist” suits anyone who has ever asked themselves whether or not there is a God.

The book is an easy-to-read introduction of a secular view of life, in which each argument for and against the existence of supernatural beings is discussed on a separate page.

About the Author

Patrik Lindenfors (1964) is the father of three children and works as an evolutionary biologist at Stockholm University. He has a keen interest in different cultures and religions, and has therefore travelled extensively and has also lived in such diverse countries as Sweden, Tanzania, USA, India, and most recently Kenya. “God Probably Doesn’t Exist” is his first contribution to the discussion about religion and religion’s role in society.

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