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In Case I Die Before You're Born: Father-Knows-Best Advice for 21st Century Kids

Author: Marcos Carvalho
Kindle Edition
To Purchase: Amazon USA

Book Description

This is a book written from the perspective of an expectant father who wants to pass on as much common sense "father-knows-best" wisdom to his kid in an engaging way.

Excerpt from the book’s Foreword:

I originally intended this book to have an audience of one, my kid. But as I started writing it and talking about it, I realized that there are several future (and current) parents out there who have thought about writing something similar to this. So this book is also for them, as well as for all those other kids that for some reason or another are growing up without one or more parent. Life is difficult here on planet Earth; there are many traps one can fall into that will sap away time, money, experiences and life in general from an individual. This book is here to hopefully prevent my kid and yours from falling into these traps.

Many people are surprised by how others behave: if I had a penny for every time I heard someone say “kids these days!” or “people these days!”, I would be dictating this book to a personal assistant or intern from my imaginary yacht instead of writing it myself. I believe that the reason for this is that we have moved so far from the common sense values we once held in high regard as a society. Books like this one, primers for young people for their adult years, were once quite common. They fell out of favor as our society lost its bearings, but now I sense a real hunger for them again.

About the Author

Marcos Carvalho is a graphic designer, illustrator, motion graphics designer and author who lives in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Marcos was born in Rio de Janeiro, and has traveled the world over. As an author, Marcos has been published in news outlets such as The Washington City Paper, Lusitânia, and Medium ESPN FC. In Case I Die Before You're Born is his first book.

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