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Author: Raji Al Munir
ISBN-13: 978-1453890134
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What is science? How credible is modern scientific knowledge? What does science say about the history and nature of the world we all live in? What is the world-view of the Islamic holy text, The Koran? Is the Koranic world-view compatible with the science-based world-view? Does science have anything to say about the God hypothesis? Is religion helpful or harmful to the progress of human civilization? These profoundly important questions are discussed in this book. One of the goals of the book is to turn any reader into an enlightened humanist (or bright); particularly readers from a Muslim background. However, the book is not just about Islamic theology or about Muslims, it has a wealth of ideas, arguments and information that all humanists, atheists, freethinkers and brights should be aware of. This book rebuttals the strongly-held believe of theists and “apologists” that religion is the foundation of human morality. It methodically shows that religion is not suited for the advancement of morality and ethics in twenty-first-century world. If we are genuinely interested in the continued progress of human civilization (and perhaps even the long-term survival of the human species), we must move beyond the current fragmentary religion-based values systems and move toward a worldwide secular-humanism-based universal moral and ethical values system. How this can be achieved is also discussed.

About the Author

The Author was born into a Muslim family in an Islamic country. He completed High School education in his native country, followed by undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States, with a specialization in chemistry. Both of the Author’s parents are professors of social science and are prominent intellectuals in their country. From an early age, the author participated in discussions on social, political and international issues with his parents and their colleagues. His familiarity with both social science and natural science, combined with his upbringing in an Islamic country, and academic training in a Western country, makes him well-suited for writing on such a broad topic as Islam, Science, Religion, Morality and the Future Human Civilization. Visit for more information about the author, his e-mail address and to read the introduction and other selected sections of the book.

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