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IT - Pieces in the Dark

Author: Nick Sambrook
ISBN: 978-1496180308
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A story so secret you may not even allow yourself to read it!!!

IT explains everything from what God is, or more importantly what IT isn’t, our evolutionary problems, to our collective mind, interlaced with humour in a good story.

It is one man’s journey from the most extreme ’spiritual experience’ ie retained knowledge cosmic consciousness into our collective mind, and beyond. A journey through which he seeks sceptical and scientific explanations of what IT is, and what IT is not, and an unambiguous understanding of what is really going on and why.

Discovering how and why the world is in such a mess, and our collective evolution dilemma.

It is personal, enthralling, intriguing, funny and disturbing, and will leave you wondering if this virtuality is in fact real.
It is though, about something you really need to know, and something that is way beyond beliefs.

However, if you like reading story books, that pretend to have all the answers to life’s mysteries, spirituality, enlightenment, god, conspiracy theories and everything else.
Ones that are vague, ambiguous, pertain to hidden messages, unspoken truths, and yet in the end still leave you looking for answers….

Then I should carry on reading those if I were you, because this one isn't, and it doesn't.

About the Author

Nick Sambrook has science degrees, higher management qualifications, run large European projects, programmes, owned companies internationally etc. But frankly that’s a bit boring.

As a young boy, the world, and what people believed made no sense to him. He had a good imagination, and made up stories, mainly to get out of trouble, which never worked.

He’s grown up now, learnt many things, seen much of the world, is wiser, and has many responsibilities. Now it all makes sense to him, and he knows, in detail, why the world is the way it is. Hopefully his storytelling ability has improved.

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