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Author: Paul Gehrman
ISBN-10: 098236640X
ISBN-13: 978-0982366400
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Kaleidoscope is a novel based on strong freethought themes and a naturalistic worldview. In the novel, the United States has begun a retreat into religious fundamentalism and theocracy. Heroic men and women attempt to stem this tide, and the book explores the many intellectual battles involved in the struggle between a superstitious worldview and a naturalistic one. The book also satirizes religious belief and shows that it is inconsistent with our uniqueness and abilities as a species. Finally, the book presents an inspirational, post-religion view of humanity based on a naturalistic worldview.

About the Author

Paul Gehrman lives with his wife and three children in Northern California. In addition to pursuing a writing career, he has worked as an attorney, a software developer, and a research scientist. This is his first novel.

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