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Kylie's Heel (A Novel)

Author: Susan K. Perry
ISBN: Paperback: 978-0-931779-33-6; Ebook: 978-0-931779-32-9
To Purchase: Humanist Press for print and ebook editions, or ebook via Amazon US or Amazon UK. Ebook also available at all online booksellers.


Compelling novels about strong female characters who are openly humanist/atheist can be hard to find. Kylie's Heel tells the story of a woman who writes a column called "A Rational Woman" for her local newspaper. As happy as she is with her life at the moment, she has to learn to cope with extraordinary change. When her marriage, her son, her home, and her livelihood are suddenly at risk, she finds her beliefs profoundly tested. She must decide if life itself is worth the pain and the effort.

The 245-page paperback features relatively short chapters and a conversational style even when deep philosophical issues are being explored. At times, humor leavens the seriousness of the story. The ebook version includes about a dozen images that enhance the story, as well as the ability to interact with other readers via a comment link.

Here is what Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, renowned author, philosopher, MacArthur Fellow, and Humanist of the Year (2011) wrote: “Kylie’s Heel burrows deep into the mind with its pathos and intelligence. Its power slowly builds into a crescendo of insight. This is a novel I will never forget, no more than if I myself had lived it.”

At the site, a Reader's Guide is available for download by individuals or book groups, for which Kylie's Heel is the perfect conversation-broadener.

About the Author

Susan K. Perry is the author of six nonfiction books, including the bestseller Writing in Flow. She is a popular blogger, including for The Brights, and has had many hundreds of essays, reviews, and articles published in a variety of periodicals. Visit her at BunnyApe.

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