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Life After Faith

Author: Chris Highland
ISBN-10: 1441468129
ISBN-13: 978-1441468123
To Purchase: Createspace / Amazon USA / Amazon UK


Life after Faith is the seventh book by Chris Highland, a former Presbyterian Minister. Life after Faith presents his personal voyage out of Christianism (and theism) through incisive questions, thoughtful reasoning and anecdotes laced with a touch of wit and humor. He grounds his practice of "happy heresy" in his own compassionate counseling experience working with homeless folk, prisoners and people with broken bodies and minds, as well as his many years exploring religion, philosophy, Nature and the most troubling fractures of faith. Illustrated with Chris' black and white photographs, the book includes nine appendices and nearly 300 endnotes. Life after Faith is also available electronically on Kindle.

About the Author

Chris Highland is a writer, teacher, social worker and photographer who served as an interfaith chaplain in the San Francisco Bay Area for over twenty-five years. With a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Seattle Pacific University and a Master of Divinity degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary he was ordained as a minister in 1987. He was a special education instructor and chaplain with adults for six years before serving as chaplain for ten years with the Interfaith Jail Chaplaincy and another decade with the Interfaith Street Chaplaincy in Marin County, California. He was Parish Associate of St. Luke Presbyterian Church in San Rafael, California for ten years. For reasons of conscience he left his christian ordination in 2001. He is a freethinking non-theist who finds "natural spirituality" (non-supernatural inter-connection) in Nature. Chris is currently publishing two more books, My Address is a River and Jesus and John Muir (a wild first novella). He lives with his wife Carol in Marin County, California. His website is

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