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Like Rolling Uphill: Realizing the Honesty of Atheism

Author: Dianna Narciso
ISBN-10: 1932560742
ISBN-13: 978-1932560749
To Purchase: Amazon USA / Amazon UK
Also available at other online retailers and; or, for an autographed copy, send name, mailing address, and check in the amount of $14.95 to Dianna Narciso, 1335 Golf Vista Ct. NE, Palm Bay, FL, 32905


"One day, with a little click in my head, I started thinking...and I discovered myself."

When atheists dare to come out of hiding, they are sometimes surprised by the reactions they receive. From accusations of immorality, to nonsensical questions about evolution, believers (Christians to be specific) are apparently threatened by our lack of belief. There may be good reason for that feeling--after all, we represent the possibility that they may be wrong.

Here, I present the believer with the opportunity to get into my head, to understand why I don't buy into god belief, to see what Christianity and theism look like from where I stand.

About the Author

Dianna Narciso is founder of Space Coast Freethought Association in Florida, runs the Atheist View website at and is an outspoken proponent of strict separation of state and church.

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