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Messiah Chronicles

Author: Meade Fischer
ISBN-10: 0967252350
ISBN-13: 978-0967252353
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While the New Testament story of Jesus as a religious figure, preaching to his people is a good story, the original lacks character development and is riddled with supernatural events. These take away from a story about an apocalyptic preacher in Roman controlled Galilee. The real story had to be filled with drama, intrigue, plots, personality conflicts and other interpersonal relations.

In my 208 page book, I've attempted to turn this well-known story into a novel about human, not supernatural beings. I've fleshed out the disciples, Mary Magdalene, Jesus' family and Pontius Pilate, along with adding other characters who, if they weren't part of the story, should have been.

I've included rational explanations for what the bible claims are miracles, and I've tried to get at the motivation of men who would give up hearth and home to go on the road for a religious mission.

Since this story is part of our world culture, I decided to offer a version for the non-religious.

About the Author

Meade Fischer is the author of a half dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction and is the Vice President of Outdoor Writers Association of California. He is a fan of history and a contributor to several publication. He received a degree in creative writing from Cal State University, Long Beach.

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