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Mind Over Myth

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Author: Dr. Peter Bromley
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The basic problem with Dogma, dogmatic opinions and dogmatic people is that they are convinced that they are right, but they are always wrong. Another problem is that dogma is always employed to give power to some and allow them to wield such power over others. In the face of a dogmatic position, you or I are either on the inside, or we are out. The greatest and least democratic exponent of this use of Dogma is the Roman Catholic Church. It has fine tuned its dogmatic approach to rule over two thousand years, turning dogma into a “fine art”!

Enlightenment, Peace, Logic, Truth, Freedom of Speech, Accepting this Life, Progress, and Tolerance, all constitute key elements of using one’s mind.

Darkness, War, Dogma, Lies, One Book over all other Books, Exploiting promises of an Afterlife, Intolerance, all constitute key elements of man’s exploitation of myths.

In this book, I question various forms of Dogma, those of the great perpetrator, the Church, the DNA dogma, and dogmatic scientists. To make this unpalatable subject a little more…. palatable, I also share with you my potted auto-biography, with mention of the various people I have met, including a preent day Saint, a host of Nobel Prize winners, and some holy, un-saintly people. I have interspersed the whole with a uniquely British-come-Maltese element, a wicked sense of humour! This is dusted over with a healthy lack of respect.

About the Author

He was something of a child prodigy, learning to read and write at the age of 4, passing an exam in mathematics for university entrance at the age of 10, taking no part in school lessons from the age of 13, and getting a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Cambridge at the age of 23.

He has been friends with a future Saint, and counts a number of Nobel Prize winners amongst his friends and associates.

Having an English father working in the admiralty, and a Maltese mother who although highly intelligent (like his father), never learned either to read or write, he has all the elements of a proud half-breed, half English and half Maltese, with a clear preference for Malta, and a general distaste for England, with the exception of its beer, Marston’s or Sheppard Neame, and of course, Cricket.

He has been active in medical research for over 40 years, mainly in the field of cancer, and has published over 40 scientific papers and written a dozen or so patents. To demonstrate his remarkable intelligence, he only took 40 years to understand that a cure for cancer is in nobody’s interests, except to those suffering from cancer, who have nothing to say.

He has finally decided to take up a profession that has been tempting him for decades, writing non-fiction books, mainly based on ... Myths!

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