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Our Almost Impossible Universe: Why the Laws of Nature Make the Existence of Humans Extraordinarily Unlikely

Author: R. Mirman (
ISBN-10 0595378412
ISBN-13: 978-0595378418
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The universe is amazingly fine-tuned, for existence, structure, life. More amazing it can be. While this is somewhat known, the book, by gathering and adding to the huge set of facts, shows how astonishing this is. Religious people will take it as proof that God created the universe, and for us (!). The book analyzes this proving that it is not wrong, but meaningless, empty words (language is strongly emphasized). To counter the religious onslaught that the book may add to it is essential to know how our understanding of nature proves this amazing fine tuning, and why explanations of it are not possible. Neither God nor such creation can have meaning. Only words, concepts, morals based on nature can, as the book rigorously proves.

Chapters: I. Is Our Universe Really Possible?; II. Mysteries Of The Mere Numbers That Give Us Life; III. Space: The Complexity And Worth Of Emptiness; IV. How Turning Around Creates Space And Time; V. Why The World Must Be Uncertain; VI. Our Universe Is --- Just Barely --- Possible; VII. Laws Of Physics Love Us; VIII. Why On Earth?; IX. Why Little Things Mean A Lot ; X. Life --- Was It Really Necessary?; XI. Is Being Smart Really A Very Stupid Thing To Do?; XII. Does The Word God Exist?; XIII. A Universe Of Wonder; A. Does Space Matter For Matter?; B. Astonish People With Your Brilliance By Babbling; C. How We Develop (Hopefully Correct) Beliefs About Nature; D. Liberating Arts Of Science; E. Is Modern ``Physics'' A Science?

About the author

R. Mirman: has also published: I. Group Theory: An Intuitive Approach ( Singapore : World Scientific Publishing Co.); II. Group Theoretical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (; III. Massless Representations of the Poincare Group (; IV. Point Groups, Space Groups, Crystals , Molecules ( Singapore: World Scientific Publishing Co.); V. Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory (; VI. Quantum Field Theory, Conformal Group Theory, Conformal Field Theory (; VII. Our Almost Impossible Universe ( Lincoln , NE : iUniverse, Inc., 2006)

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