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Outside, Looking In

Author: Gil Gaudia, Ph.D.
LOC Number: 2003092913
ISBN (Softcover): 1-4134-0800-1
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Novel's Main Character Challenges America's Religious Zeal

Hobe Sound, FL-- July 16, 2003-- A recent Gallup poll indicates that "at least sixty-eight per cent of Americans believe in the devil"; an even larger percentage believe in God. Gene Geminni, the protagonist of a new novel, Outside, Looking In didn't believe in either the devil or God, in fact, he thought most Americans were "God-obsessed".
This novel will especially appeal to the estimated thirty to sixty million humanists, skeptics, nonbelievers and agnostics in America who at times, themselves, must feel outside and looking in on a society dominated by theists. Gene's adventures may also provoke believers who are open-minded, to re-examine their positions.  He encounters teachers, professors, priests and surgeons among the believers he confronts and challenges, each showdown more provocative and informative than the last.

Fresh out of high school, Gene is hired by a priest to solicit funds for the church.  He learns a lot about faith, hope and charity, as well as how to take a confession on the phone.  As a professor, later in life, when a surgeon begins to pray before performing a serious operation, Gene fires him in the hospital room.

In this fictionalized memoir by Gil Gaudia, Ph.D., Gene learns in the third-grade that some people will go to excessive lengths to push their favorite beliefs onto the vulnerable.  As a young man he finds that survival is possible, even satisfying, without reliance upon what he considers to be absurd superstition. Along the way, Gene explores astronomy, epistemology and psychology as he sails and flies through some exciting, life-threatening adventures. In the novel's final crisis, Gene demonstrates a substantially high degree  of moral and ethical behavior despite his theistic and  biblical inadequacies.  He also encounters some strangely unethical believers.

About the Author

Outside, Looking In is a refreshing view of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by an atheist.  In writing this novel, Gaudia relies upon his own experiences as a truck driver, a pilot, a sailor, a psychologist and a professor...and as an amateur astronomer who built his own telescope and backyard observatory.

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