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Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion

Authors: edited by Dale McGowan, Ph.D, with contributions by Richard Dawkins, Penn Jillette, Julia Sweeney, Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Matt and Shannon Cherry, Emily Rosa, Dr. Donald B. Ardell, Margaret Downey, Ed Buckner, et al. Foreword by Michael Shermer.
ISBN-10: 0814474268
ISBN-13: 978-0814474266
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Parenting is among the toughest of jobs, and living a secular life in a religious world brings its own challenges. But a large and growing number of parents are meeting both challenges at once by raising their children without religion. They have done so with few resources—until now. There are scores of books for religious parents. Now there’s one for the rest of us.

In Parenting Beyond Belief, Dale McGowan celebrates the freedom that comes with raising kids without indoctrination, advising parents on effective ways to raise freethinking children. With contributions from educators, physicians, psychologists, and philosophers as well as wisdom from everyday parents, the book offers tips and insights on a variety of topics, from “mixed marriages” to coping with death and loss, and from morality and ethics to dealing with holidays. Sensitive and timely, Parenting Beyond Belief features reflections from such freethinkers as Mark Twain, Penn Jillette, Julia Sweeney, Richard Dawkins and Bertrand Russell, activists Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor and Margaret Downey, wellness guru Dr. Don Ardell, and Unitarian humanist Rev. Dr. Kendyl Gibbons. Parenting Beyond Belief will empower freethought parents to raise caring and independent children. More information at

About the Author

Dale McGowan is a writer, editor, and critical thinking educator. Author of the freethought novel Calling Bernadette’s Bluff (“An undoubted triumph of satire” – Curled Up With a Good Book), Dale is also editor of Rumors of Peace (the international newsletter of Nonviolent Peaceforce), is a board member of the Critical Thinking Club, Inc. and has taught critical thinking skills in the college classroom, the corporate boardroom, and public venues. He and his wife Becca live in Minneapolis with their three children.

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