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Author: Stephen Goldin
ISBN-10: 1456336398
ISBN-13: 978-1456336394
To Purchase: Amazon USA / Amazon UK

Book Description

Polly! is a satirical fantasy novel about a god that I, as an atheist, wish existed. The protagonist has lost his wife, his livelihood, his home, and has learned he's in trouble with the IRS - all in the space of a few days. Now his car has broken down in the desert outside a mysterious mansion owned by the most beautiful - and strangest - woman he's ever met.

Polly may or may not be god - she refuses to say definitively - but she takes her guest for a very quirky ride indeed.

One reviewer says, “The book is an allegory of self-discovery - or perhaps, universe discovery." Another reviewer, calling the story "laugh-out-loud surprising at times," says, "This is a provocative fantasy which, if anything, should confirm a Christian faith, because if they still 'believe' after reading it, they should give themselves a pat on the back." It certainly challenges conventional religious dogmas - and does it with puns and good humor, and a previously unknown Marx Brothers movie called "A Morning at Mass. "

About the Author

Stephen Goldin has been writing science fiction and fantasy stories for better than 45 years, and has over 40 published books to prove it. He lives in San Ramon, California, and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Astronomy from UCLA and a quirky, irreverent sense of humor that led one indignant Chris tian reader to call Polly! "blasphemous" and "highly offensive"--labels the author wears proudly as a badge of honor.

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