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Reflections of a Logical Mind, A Slim Volume of Common Sense, Reason Applied to the Supernatural

Author:Harv Damschen
ISBN-10: 1467981788
ISBN-13: 978-1467981781
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"Reflections of a Logical Mind" is a pithy collection of perceptive observations by the author and others of like mind who logically question the existence of the supernatural. The author’s premise is that it is the immense capability of the human mind for abstract thought that forms the nucleus for supernatural (and religious) belief. There seems to be a subconscious human inclination to substitute a more comfortable abstraction (wishful thinking) for distasteful reality. Once such abstractions become reinforced through the consensus of many, critical thought (reason) is held in abeyance and comfortable fantasy happily accepted in lieu of, or to augment, reality. The author’s narrative throughout to support this premise is light-hearted, even itself fanciful (allegorical) at times, but the logic and conclusions are difficult to dispute. Thanks for your consideration, Harv Damschen

About the Author

Harv Damschen is a retired fighter pilot whose occupation, by its very nature, has had to confront reality on its own terms. Fantasy has never won an aerial engagement, repaired a disintegrating engine or deflected AAA, although there are some who, after the fact, would ascribe their unexpected survival to some sort of supernatural influence rather than consummate skill or merely luck. In the end, it’s not the author’s obligation to prove the supernatural untrue, but rather for those adherents of such improbable philosophy to prove that it is true...and this proof can only be found at the confluence of fact, evidence and reason; not within the abstract fog of faith and belief.


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