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SECOND GENESIS: A Science Thriller

Author: Jeffrey Anderson, MD PhD
ISBN: 0515141984
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What is the ultimate scientific experiment to test the existence of the soul?

In the heart of the Amazon jungle, someone is playing God, with unnerving success. At a stem cell research laboratory in western Brazil, scientists take evolution into their own hands with the creation of a genetically engineered, fully sentient chimpanzee.

In a thriller that races through the rainforest as it probes into the ethics and future of high-tech, high-stakes germline manipulation, the team of scientists solves a mystery about the discovery that could change humanity forever. As time runs out on their fight for their own survival, they face the ultimate questions about God, the soul, and what it means to be the caretakers of intelligent life on the planet.

"Jeffrey Anderson is the perfect blend of Michael Crichton and Isaac Asimov, and his new novel, Second Genesis, is the best I've read in the science thriller genre. It is especially satisfying to enjoy a page-turning plot like the one Anderson has spun while also enjoying first-rate science writing that teaches without effort."

- LA Times Bestselling Author Michael Shermer, Publisher, Skeptic magazine, monthly columnist Scientific American, author of Why People Believe Weird Things.

About the Author

Jeffrey Anderson pursued graduate studies in abstract mathematics before receiving his MD and PhD degrees from Northwestern University in neurobiology. In his education, he had formal concentrations in chemistry, physics, psychology, Russian literature, and molecular biology. His research on the brain has been published in Science, Nature Neuroscience, and Neuron, among other publications. He is currently a neuroradiology fellow at the University of Utah, and runs a brain imaging laboratory where he uses functional MRI to study multiple sclerosis as well as the basic science of attention, emotion, and visual imagery. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and their four small entropy machines.

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