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Scenario: Nascent Christianity Emerges

Author: Dr. Michael Conley

In two volumes
ISBN: 1-4134-8577-4 (Trade Paperback, Vol 1)
ISBN: 1-4134-8578-2 (Hardback, Vol 1)

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The two volume novel: “Scenario; Nascent Christianity Emerges is in no case a tedious retelling of the life of Jesus. Anything but (!), though his brother, Ya’acov, does lurk in the distance. I’m oriented towards the several decades following the Greek mythology related in the four gospels and – to the extent that this is possible - to the world of real humans with their frailties who set the portentous pace. The events depicted in the Novel occur over a period of fifteen years (70 to 85 C.E. = Common Era) in large part in the port town of Caesarea pros Sebaste, the seat from which the Romans administered much of the Palestinian territory.

I’ve taken great pains to paint a picture of this lively port town on the Mediterranean, well known throughout the Roman world of the First Century. But beyond that, I describe a society which – following a total defeat by the Romans (66- 70/71 C.E.) - is divided within itself. Hellenistic concepts, bolstered up by Roman might, compete with Hebrew thought, roman jurisprudence, and oriental norms for propriety and morality. On top of this, one is confronted with a series of distinctive personalities, impassioned debates and hair-raising adventures.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Conley was a soldier in the US Army, 1944-46 and served in the occupation army in southern Germany for one year. His university schooling occurred at Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio. With a scholarship to the University of Utrecht, he returned to Europe in 1953 and I taught for the University of Maryland Oversees Program until 1957 at American military installations in Germany and France and thereafter assumed a teaching position in the US Army Special Warfare School at Oberammergau, Bavaria. He became a German citizen in 1975 and beginning in the late 80’s wrote his novel.


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