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Secular Wholeness: A Skeptic's Paths to a Richer Life

Author: David E. Cortesi
ISBN-10: 155369175X
ISBN-13: 978-1553691754
To Purchase: Amazon US / Amazon UK


Can a skeptic reap the benefits of a religious practice? When you cannot abide ideas of the supernatural — when no religious account of the world is credible — where do you look for depth, engagement, or serenity in life? David Cortesi, well-known as a writer on technical subjects, brings a programmer's bent for logic and a scholar's research skills to the search for secular ways to:

  • Gain existential validity: a sense we have a right to exist and a purpose.
  • Formulate and justify a personal ethical code.
  • Weave a richly-connected, supportive community.
  • Gain the psychological benefits of meditation and prayer.
  • Enjoy the stability and comfort of meaningful ritual.
  • Prepare for deaths: our own, and those of the people we love.

Secular Wholeness draws as freely from recent papers in refereed journals as it does from the teachings of Solon, Epictetus, and the Buddha. Optimistic, sometimes lyrical, but always grounded firmly in reason, Secular Wholeness is for anyone trying to lead a deeper, more intentional life. From From Midwest Book Review (June 2002): "[A]n inspirational guide to finding depth, enjoyment, serenity in life... Secular Wholeness is a superbly written and presented treatise."

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