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The Almost-Dictionary

Author: John Dalston
ISBN-10: 0981957900
ISBN-13: 978-0981957906
To Purchase: Amazon US / Amazon UK


Imagine a dictionary that does not reference the words: soul, heaven, god, devil, religion, church, pope, sin, miracle, karma, or reincarnation. The Almost-Dictionary was deliberately written so as to NOT reference the supernatural, or anything mystical.

The Almost-Dictionary is about the many almost-aspects of life. So few things are completely “as described.” Most things are not all-or-nothing. When you eat “an apple” you probably don’t eat the core, so you only almost-eat the apple. A “good” day for you is probably only almost-good—or just better than average. A win usually involves some loss. Nothing is totally safe or secure. The “developed” world is still in need of even more development. There’s usually a gap between the way things are and the way we would like things to be. Everyone seeks the perfect life, but we almost-always almost-settle.

The book is written from the naturalistic perspective, as can be seen in the entries for the following almost-words (definitions in the dictionary): almost-abstract, almost-exist, almost-meaning, almost-metaphysical, almost-monist, almost-positivism, almost-reduction, almost-real, almost-psychology, almost-universals, almost-variable.

This is a reference book (humorous in places), and it can also be used in a business context to discuss quality-related issues.


  • Knowledge is almost-power.
  • To hesitate is to be almost-minded.
  • History is hard to know, because everyone tells it like it almost was.
  • If you build it, somebody is going to want it modified.
  • The closer we get to an end, the more like a new beginning it becomes.

About the Author

John Dalston graduated in Biology, and is a Software Quality Engineer. He has consulted with several Fortune 500 and other companies in the “almost-field” of Quality. He is the founder of

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