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Timeless Beauties (Philosophical Poems)

Timeless Beauties book cover

Author:Dr. Krishna P. Chakravorty
ISBN-13: 8182532779
ISBN-13: 978-8182532779
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This book of poems contain 62 new, unique, thought provoking, inspiring, uplifting and highly original poems. No one has published any philosophical problems in the form of poetry yet. These poems reveal my 50 years of deep understanding of Nature, Science, Philosophy, Religion, Culture, general knowledge and thought provoking ideas. These poems are not just poetic emotional outbursts and expressions, but they deal with real and philosophical problems and their solutions in human life.

Each poem asks a question or raises a serious problem in the first part of the poem and gives its solutions towards the end. For example, they ask and give answers to the deepest questions of human lives like What is life, What is the Nature, What is the purpose of life, What is the meaning of life, What is God, What is Religion, What is Culture, What is the Soul, What is Peace, What is Happiness, What is the Truth, What is the Real Love, What is Justice, What is poetry and so on. Each poem contains knowledge and answers that each and everyone of us is searching throughout our lives. This book is almost a book of philosophy and knowledge than a book of poems.

I am a top ranking scientist, philosopher, professor and teacher. I published these materials in philosophy magazines (e.g. Contemporary Philosophy), presented them in philosophy conventions (e.g. Cornell Philosophy Conventions and others), magazines and e-zines and debated them. I wanted these materials to be available to the general public and the students beyond the philosophy departments. So, I wrote these poems.

About the Author

Ph.D, M.S., M.S., M.S. (Syracuse, SUNY, Temple, CU)
Faculty : Univ. of Illinois at Chicago, Ohio State Univ., Temple Univ.
Service: US Air Force, Dept. of Defense, EPA etc
Status: U S Citizen, Senior Citizen.
Hobby: Philosophy, Science, Poetry, Nature.

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