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The Bible Delusion: 101 'Hang On A Minute' Moments; And God's Mysterious Ways

The Bible Delusion book cover

Author: Jim Whitefield
ISBN-10: 1326662554
ISBN-13: 978-1326662554
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Unlike God, who remains an unknown quantity to date, the Bible exists and can be tested and questioned through logic, common sense and reason – and by the scientific method. Many former believers suggest the easiest way to become an atheist is to read the Bible. Taking my inspiration from Richard Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’, I reread the Bible in the cold light of day, without any of the preconceived religious bias I once entertained.

It soon became clear that no God was ever involved; the God the Hebrews created was one of the most despicable characters ever invented. This book explores and reveals many ‘moments’ that make you stop and think ‘hang on a minute’, this is pure fiction. There are also several chapters on God’s very mysterious ways – and his many contradictions, as recorded in the bible.

Unfortunately, science doesn’t support much of anything in the Bible. The more we learn, the less plausible it all becomes, yet many people cling to faith in fiction rather than face the truth. As devout believers, we don’t tend to read it objectively from cover to cover; we just read parts that are faith promoting.

Jacket reviews from fellow authors: David Fitzgerald; Bill Lauritzen; Brian Baker and David G. McAfee – who writes “Jim Whitefield’s The Bible Delusion is a hell of an interesting read, regardless of where you stand on the nature and divinity of the Bible.”

About the Author

Jim Whitefield was enticed into religion by charismatic Mormon missionaries in 1960 aged fourteen. He and first wife Jan raised eight children before she died in 2001. In 2003, Jim succumbed to the reluctant conclusion there is no evidence for God, resigning Church membership.

In 2006, Jim stumbled across evidence Mormonism was a hoax and published ‘The Mormon Delusion’ series to assist those questioning their faith. He did not intend to write further but the Bible bothered him – so he decided to read it again. ‘The Bible Delusion’ is the result.

Jim lives with his wife Catriona in Surrey, England.

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