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The Collective, A Novel

Author: Jennifer LaMoureaux
ISBN-10: 1413444539
ISBN-13: 978-1413444537
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One of the best arguments against the credibility of religion, any religion, is the fact that the overwhelming majority of folks who practice a given religion choose that which their parents practice.  This behavior illustrates mankind’s propensity to act out of habit and indoctrination.  Most folks, of course, do not want to consider, much less acknowledge, they behave without thought in any area of their lives.  To get the message across, one has to come through the back door.  Entertainment is the key. 

In my novel, The Collective, I satirize all manner of unprovable beliefs by having the “inhabitants” of the collective unconscious i.e., archetypes, pursue these dogmas with comical consequences.  The cast of archetypes includes The God of Abraham, The Devil, Jesus, The Skeptic, Eve, The Snake, Muhammad, Confucius, Lao Tsu, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, The Buddha, The Psychic, Snow White, The Queen, The Evil Stepmother, The Redactor, and The Hierophant, among others.  The plot is simple:  The Queen begins questioning the nature of her existence, that is, its stasis, and decides she hasn’t been acting of her own volition.  Determined to do so, she sets out to reconcile with Snow White.  Naturally, those in power i.e., the members of The Committee, frown on this show of willfulness.  With the aid of their henchmen, The Redactor and The Hierophant, they set out to stop her.  Exploring the question of destiny versus self-determination, The Collective is also a rollicking argument against all of the current self-help regimens that insist on calling people victims of life.

About the Author

Jennifer LaMoureaux’s first novel, The Scenic Route, won The New Century Writer Award for 2000/2001.  The same year, her screenplay, The Illusion of Illusion, placed 2nd in The Final Draft International Screenplay Competition.  She has optioned the rights to several screenplays and remains active in the film industry.  Prior to writing full-time, Ms. LaMoureaux was an at-home mom, a four-day champion game-show contestant, an actress, a model, a graphic artist and a secretary.  She has run numerous marathons, ultra-marathons and 24-hour endurance races. She lives in Arizona with her two daughters.

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