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Ten Counting Cat

Author/Illustrator: Robert Chaplin
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ISBN: 1-894897-34-X


This fable uses the circle of life to explain infinity, simultaneously illuminating the mystery of the cat's nine lives. Teaches counting from one to ten, then from ten to a googolplex. With all the sympathy of arithmetic, this macabre counting tale is most suitable for boys... and some girls. For ages 7 to 175.

About the author:

Robert Chaplin is a Bright, regarding the naturalistic worldview, Robert knows how to quickskin a grouse and has fed pancakes to whiskeyjacks. Elected to the Royal Canadian Academy in 2004 for his sculpture and illustration; Robert manufactures his reality by writing, drawing , and carving fantastic objets d'art. Library Editions inc. was founded, as the home for the Robert Chaplin imprint, with a mandate to produce whimsical and intelligent books for children and adults of all ages.

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