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The Cosmic Force

Author: William H, Blazier
ISBN-10: 1587362236
ISBN-13: 978-1587362231
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Strange happenings are afoot at Freeport College. Ed Packer, an investigative writer, is called in to explore the situation. He soon discovers that a campus fraternity, Kappa Kappa Kappa might be involved. The Cosmic Force includes several interesting philosophical talks including religion, the mind and creative thinking. Ed enjoys attending these talks and this gives him an opportunity to get better acquainted with Norma Nomer, a college secretary with whom he falls in love. Ed and Norma are relieved when the bizarre events that plague the campus seem to come to an end.

About the author

William H. Blazier has been a writer since the 1950s. In 1973 He and his wife, Theresa,worked with middle school studenta to create super-8 films. His experiences are described in his book, Lights, Action,.Camera, Learn! {Allison Publishers}.  He is also author of a screen play entitled The Bionic Dog. Mr. Blazier believes that education is essential for human progress. He currently lives in Mesa , Arizona

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