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The Code for Global Ethics: Ten Humanist Principles

Author: Rodrigue Tremblay, Ph.D.
ISBN-10: 1616141727
ISBN-13: 978-1616141721
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Many people still think that it's necessary to be religious to act morally. But, experience and evidence show the reverse. When a person becomes overtly religious, that individual may lose his or her own moral compass. Mass religious hysteria is very dangerous. See the Crusades. See the Inquisition. See the Islamist terrorists. Religion is a double-hedged sword: it cuts both ways.

The Code for Global Ethics proposes a progressive and modern code of global ethics that is summarized under 10 general humanist rules or principles. The themes range from human dignity, human life, tolerance, the need to share, and the requirement to avoid domination and superstition, to the preservation of the Earth's natural environment, the issue of violence and wars, the question of political and economic democracy, the separation of Church and State, and the central role of education and knowledge as gateways to personal happiness, independence, and individual freedom. The book is also a critique of many religion-based ethical rules and raises the issue of moral dilemmas. —Dr. Paul Kurtz is the author of the Preface for The Code for Global Ethics.

About the Author

Dr. Rodrigue Tremblay, PhD Stanford, is an emeritus professor of economics at the University of Montreal. He has written thirty books on economics, finance, politics, as well as on ethics and geopolitical issues. Tremblay is a Woodrow Wilson fellow and a Ford International Fellow. He did his graduate work at Stanford University where he obtained a M.A. in Economics and a Ph.D. in Economics. In 2004, Dr. Tremblay has been awarded the Condorcet Prize for political philosophy.

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