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Adventure Lessons: Teachings of an Existential Vagabond

Author: Joe Grutzik
ISBN-10: 0976891514
ISBN-13: 978-0976891512
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Is there morality without God?  How do you raise a positive, happy, and healthy kid free from dogmatic supernatural and mystical elements?  How do you teach your child the basic principles of honesty, ethics and integrity with a naturalistic world view?  Joe Grutzik faced these questions when becoming a father and these questions are the bases of the book “Adventure Lessons: Teachings of an Existential Vagabond.” 

 Adventure Lessons tells the story of one man’s difficult (often crazy and dangerous) journey away from his religious upbringings toward the path of naturalistic enlightenment.  It is told through a collection of true stories, the misadventures of his travels around the world.  Each story provides a real life lesson.  Some of the lessons include:

Why you shouldn’t lie; Why you shouldn’t steal; How to conquer your fears; How to keep stress from controlling your life; Most importantly - How to be more human.

Each moral is presented with cause and effect logic, free of mystical elements.  The stories are told in a fast paced exciting style that will keep you turning the pages.

 About the Author

Joe Grutzik has been a ski bum and a world traveler for most of his life.  He has hitchhiked more than 27,000 miles and has lived, worked and skied in resorts in the United States and Europe.  He is an avid sailor with many years of open ocean experience.  Now Joe is a writer living in Los Angeles. He holds a BS in Engineering.  He is a Bright, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a philosopher, husband and father.

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