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The Honorable Culbert Levy Olson, Governor of California 1939-1943

Book cover - The Honorable Culbert Levy Olson, Governor of California 1939-1943

Authors: Dr. Craig West Wilkinson and Ms. Debra Deanne Olson
ISBN-10: 1546351655
ISBN-13: 978-1546351658
To Purchase: To Purchase: paperback - $29.95, Kindle or ePub - $9.99 - Also available at Amazon.


If there were a person of political prominence who embraced the ideals aligned toward a naturalistic view of the world, The Honorable Culbert Levy Olson certainly lived what he believed. His grand vision for the State of California was seated in humanitarian ideals. He consistently fought against special interests and corporate greed winning him the accolade of being "The People's Governor."

His term in office, 1939-1943 was a time of economic and political turmoil going from the depths of the Depression to the fears of Japanese attacks on the United States mainland at the beginning of World War II.

This over-400-page book, co-authored by his granddaughter, Debra Deanne Olson takes the reader from Olson's early years in rural Utah to his election as Utah State Senator, California State Senator, and then as California Governor.

The significance of his contribution to free thought and secularism was not limited to his political influence but continued throughout his life. His idea of government was to provide the steering mechanism for economic stabilization, full employment, universal health protection, and the utmost in educational services for its citizenry while protecting the country's natural resources against private greed's wasteful exploitation. Unmistakenly he was a statesman before his time.

About the Authors

Co-author, Debra Deanne Olson, inherited much of her grandfather's passion for political and social change, campaigning for persons of integrity and working within organizations such as the United Nations. In speaking of her grandfather, she states, "I marveled at his ability to persevere in the face of constant, forceful opposition by big business, organized religion, and the Republican Party...I can only hope that his vision, deeds, and courage will have as profound an impact on those who come across his story."

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