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The Wholly Trinity: Fact, Evidence and Reason - Reality Versus the Human Mind

Author: Harv Damschen
ISBN-10: 1419656910
ISBN-13: 978-1419656910
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“The Wholly Trinity” is the result of an earnest effort by the author (initiated through dialogue with a devout theist) to find a factual basis for theistic thought using fact, evidence, and reason, perhaps lending substance to dogma, faith, and belief. It consists of a series of six introspective self-interviews in the “Court of World Opinion”, illuminating e-mail replies to the theist, and seven essays with associated conclusions and commentary. It becomes very evident why an organized movement like “The Brights” is absolutely essential to our global society.

About the Author

Harv Damschen is a retired fighter pilot who ponders the human condition from the Oregon wilderness. He is of the opinion that foxholes and cockpits are fantasy-free environments. He has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Arizona and has ridden the perimeter of the United States twice on “Old Blue”, his trusty Harley who provides profound insight into his musings as the miles rumble by. His philosophical expertise is based upon fact, evidence, and reason, the inescapable trinity of human reality./p>

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