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The Kids' Book of Awesome Stuff

Author: Charlene Brotman
ISBN-10: 0976256800
ISBN-13: 978-0976256809
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This children's book (ages 8 - 12) -- written from a naturalistic perspective -- nurtures a sense of wonder as revealed by science. It's about being a part of nature (not above or outside nature); being connected to everything else through origins of star-stuff and through evolution. It's about life as a gift and death as natural. Puzzles, activities, stories and appealing graphics make it kid-friendly.

A summary on the last page reads: "A Short But True Story of You: YOU are made of star-stuff. YOU are related to every other living thing on Earth. YOU breathe out a gas that gives life to plants, and plants breathe out a gas that gives life to YOU. YOU are part of a wonderful web of life on a planet spinning in space. When you die, someday, the elements of your body will become a part of clouds and crystals, seas and new living things. YOU can think and wonder, love and learn. YOU have the gift of life."

"The Kids' Book of Awesome Stuff" is sold in places that include the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Cape Cod National Seashore Museum.

About the Author

Charlene Brotman taught special needs children in Newton , MA public schools. She also wrote curriculums for Unitarian Universalist church schools, published through Brotman-Marshfield Curriculums, which she co-founded. She is the mother of four children, grandmother of four, and lives in Newton, MA.

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