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The Mystery of the Séance: The Force of Belief

Author:William H. Blazier
ISBN-10: 1587365472
ISBN-13: 978-1587365478
To purchase:  Amazon US / Amazon UK


When an unidentified teenage girl dies in a fiery car crash, Mr. and Mrs. Peters are convinced that it is their missing daughter, Lilly. Desperate for solace, they consult a medium in the hopes that they can make contact with her.

Their next-door neighbor, retired Professor Allen, is concerned and meets with Ed Packer, the head of security at Freeport College . During their conversation Allen reveals that he is a Bright. He explains what a Bright is and Ed says he shares the same philosophy.and agrees to look into the mystery of the séance which is unfolding.

The medium quickly gains the Peters' trust, passing on messages containing information that only Lilly would know. Bur after they were confronted with evidence that their daughter might still be alive, they must determine whether they should pursue a potentially futile search, or continue to place their faith in the comfort of the supernatural.

About the Author

William H. Blazier has been a writer since the 1950s. In 1973 He and his wife, Theresa,worked with middle school studenta to create super-8 films. His experiences are described in his book, Lights, Action,.Camera, Learn! {Allison Publishers}.  He is also author of a screen play entitled The Bionic Dog.  Mr. Blazier that education is essential for human progress. He currently lives in Mesa , Arizona

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