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The Mighty Quinn

Author: Robyn Parnell
Illustrators: Katie & Aaron DeYoe
ISBN: 1-59102-265-7
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The Mighty Quinn has memorable characters and is a great book for tweens to read. It’s also useful for developing anti-bullying discussions among school-age children and encouraging concern for the environment. It seamlessly integrates social issues on topics such as bullies, relationships, tolerance, community service, and environmental conservation, and "will certainly provide food for thought" (--Kirkus). Kids, teachers, and parents can utilize the discussion questions centered on these themes and the DIY conservation activities located in the back of the book and online, too. The Mighty Quinn is not only for serious discussion, though. In addition to the humorous narrative, readers will love the silly and creative line drawings of Katie and Aaron DeYoe, an illustrating couple from Minneapolis.

About the Author

Robyn Parnell lives and writes in Hillsboro, Oregon, a city that she has fictionalized for the setting of The Mighty Quinn. She is also the author of the children's picture book My Closet Threw a Party, published by Sterling in 2005.

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