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The Quest for Truth; On Finding the Grail

Author: Alex Caldon BSc MPhil
ISBN-13: 978-0955740107
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After a life time as an Earth Scientist and campaigner for the environment and for peace, Alex Caldon took a step back to reappraise the main obstacles to progress for humanity. In doing so he discovered that the primary obstacle to progress is not that we lack scientific or ethical truths, but that people are too often not receptive to those truths. Caldon makes a new appraisal of the Global Psyche and of the principle spiritual beliefs in the world, and corrects the mistakes we have made. Spirituality is indeed the cure for the world, but not a supernatural spirituality. Caldon argues that true spirituality is about connecting with the Universe, not drifting into paranormal delusions. One astonishing conclusion is that atheists are broadly speaking the true spiritual leaders, in being close to the truth of the Universe. As the pantheistic argument that “truth is God” is explored, atheists are found to be closer to God than most people who call themselves believers. What Caldon calls “the spirituality of reality” was discovered many hundreds of years ago, and was described in the romances of the Holy Grail. The true nature of the Grail is revealed as a symbol of this reality-based spiritual journey. It is therefore the key for our global spiritual development, and represents the discipline we need to heal humanity’s spiritual confusion. And when our true spirituality is brought back, with it come the solutions for our environment, for peace and for the Unity of Humanity.

About the Author

Alex trained and worked as an Earth Scientist. He has used his scientific knowledge in campaigning for our world’s environments, and has also campaigned for peace and on mental health issues. Through fate, or what Carl Jung would call serendipity, he has gained a strong training in psychology and has applied this to issues of the environment and peace. He has been a leading Greenpeace climber, a member of Mensa, and like all good spiritual leaders he works as a carpenter. He re-discovered the true meaning of the Holy Grail, and lives in England in a solar-powered mobile home.

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