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Author: Ray Melnik
ISBN-10: 1440128588
ISBN-13: 978-1440128585
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To Your Own Self Be True is the story about a woman who looks at life from a different perspective than most.  She challenges us to think of a world where people of reason are given a chance to influence the course of history as much as those of faith.

As our story begins, it is the year 2021.  Kaela is twenty-three years old, and, after her internship in physics, she’s offered a position at SciLab, a preeminent science facility not far from where she grew up.  The job offer was too desirable to turn down, and she could continue her doctorate in evening sessions.  She’s successful, but like the rest of us, she struggles to discover what really makes her happy.   

She was taught many lessons in moral principles growing up, but it’s rare that the most profound of them would be put to the test.  A convergence of events gives her father the opportunity to teach her one of the greatest lessons of all.

To Your Own Self Be True is a sequel to The Room, published in 2007, and features some of the characters from that novel. The events in The Room take place fifteen years earlier when our narrator, the grown up young scientist Kaela, is just 8 years old.

About the Author:

Just before college, Ray won first place in the "National Pen Women Competition" for his fictional short story, Distinction, as well as winning second place in the New York "Best of City - The Written Word". While attending his local community college in Staten Island, New York, he majored in literature and studied existential writers such as Jean Paul Sartre and Albert Camus.

When he left college, he pursued a music career, as a singer and lyricist writing lyrics to dozens of original compositions. As a musician and then audio engineer, Ray wrote a monthly column on professional audio for “American Liverpool”, a local music magazine in Staten Island, New York.

Later moving into the field of technology as a network engineer, he wrote as a member of the technology panel for the Times Herald Record, a regional newspaper in the lower Hudson Valley, New York. For eight years he was the primary writer of home technology features for the website “New Technology Home”.

Ray has always been an advocate for science and reason. He enjoys books on quantum physics, astrophysics, evolution and earth sciences. The influences of existentialism and science are evident in his premier novel, “The Room” as well as his second novel, “To Your Own Self Be True”.

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