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Why Don't We Go To Church?

Author: Rosalind Eagle RN and Gail Miller SW
ISBN-10: 0986587605
ISBN-13: 978-0986587603
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Evolution vs. creation is the focal point of a new book written for atheist or agnostic parents and their children. Why Don't We Go To Church? helps young people deal with religious conflicts. It also opens a door for parents to talk with their children about the different religious beliefs and non-beliefs. The story revolves around Dan, a fourth grade student doing a science project about "Primeval Soup", the primordial liquid from which all of earth's creatures evolved. Dan's best friend Alex believes God started life on earth with Adam and Eve. Alex's father wants Dan to start attending their church. Dan is afraid the science project may cost him his best friend.

"This was the perfect book for my son and his problem with a Christian friend," said one non-religious father whose son recently read Why Don't We Go To Church? "The friend's dad keeps encouraging my son to 'seek the word'. It's one thing for me to tell my boy that not being religious is OK, but when he saw it in print, it became more acceptable," he said.

About the Author

Gail Miller, Social Worker and Rosalind Eagle, Registered Nurse wrote this book to help children and atheist parents feel more comfortable when their non-belief in a deity is questioned. "The idea came to me after a friend's daughter was hurt by religious harassment" said Ms. Miller. "Then I kept hearing about other incidents. The more research I did, the more I realized there was nothing out there in a kid friendly way to address this problem.” Ms Miller and Ms Eagle have four children, three step-children and six grandchildren between them. None of them are church goers.

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