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A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

Good to see an alternative to being defined by what you're not. To make any kind of positive contribution in life you have to stand for something not just against!  Alison, UK

I am glad to have discovered this place. The most practical and natural worldview is one that accepts the realities of nature, and doesn't resort to supernatural explanations. I'll proudly call myself a bright...though I'm not usually much of a joiner in causes. This one strikes me as significant. Jack, USA

Finally we can describe our views to people without using negative terminology.  James, UK

A virtual haven.  Daniel, USA

I'm happy to know that the well-informed skeptical people of the world now have a potential for group identity.  Jeffrey, USA

To all: It is about time that the Brights have their voices heard, and their actions help mankind (and everything else) in a more practical way in all areas of their endeavor. Julio, USA

As a bright I'm very happy to join your sorely-needed non-organization.  Milt, USA

I think this is a wonderful idea and meets a desperate need in the current political culture.  Irving, USA

At last (the cavalry has arrived). Many thanks to Richard Dawkins and others for holding the fort for so long.  Kevin, UK

Encouraging; it's time for this - actually, past time.  Robert, USA

i think this is a brilliant idea in every way but what i like is usually not too popular, heretical even.  Helen, Canada

I think that the power of irrational non-naturalistic thought holds far too much power in the world today (and probably this era is no worse that previous ones).  Jonathan, UK

This is a GREAT idea. I have been thinking (looking) for an idea like this, and its time must be now, because here's the convergence! A simple term which can disarmingly express the idea of subscribing to the idea of natural processes. No further implication or requirements. Count me in. David, USA

Brilliant strategy. From now on, when asked about my "religious" beliefs, I'll respond that I'm a Bright. Should make for an interesting conversation… Peter, USA

The right to Not believe in God without being cast aside as morally corrupt and politically irrelevant strikes me as important to preserve (or perhaps more accurately in the United States, attain).  Gord, USA

I do not wish to be an activist but DO want to be counted. It is important for politicians to know not all citizens are superstitious and irrational. Richard, USA

I like the idea of becoming a political force to counter all of those religious folks who are trying to dominate U.S. politics. To me, that's more important than any other aspect.  Patricia, USA

Thank you for making yourselves known! It is wonderful to realize I'm not alone out here! Christians often say how difficult it is to be a Christian in America today ... but they don't realize how much more difficult to NOT be a Christian in America!  Matt, USA

America needs to be kept a secular nation. Religion has no place in government and there needs to be a clear, bright line separating the two!  Matthew, USA

Self respect demands that Brights speak out.   Tom, USA

Excellent idea. I am a confirmed non-joiner, but I couldn't resist this one.  Austin, Germany

Memetic social engineering is a good idea IMHO   John, South Africa

It will be interesting to observe the evolution of this organization over the next decade or so!  Edward, USA

I feel like I'm signing the Declaration of Independence. Pat Robertson would love to hang us all.  Skip, USA

In the UK we probably do not appreciate the siege position secular, humanists occupy in the USA. All power to you.  Rob, UK

Good, no excellent, idea  Mary Beth, USA

I'm happy to sign up. Feeling less lonely in my nontheism (or as I say, nonotheism). Thanks.  Ed, USA

I like having a term that can keep us in a conversation long enough to sow some memes.  Jeanne, USA

At last! A positive name for what I am, not one founded on negations of religion. Peter, UK

I'm not alone after all.  Antonia, USA

It was about time somebody thought of this - and did it. Congrats and keep it up.  Jorge, Spain

I am 24 and I have been a bright for 10 years. It would be great for brights to gain more visibility in "mainstream" society.  Mugizi, USA

When I hesitated to sign up because of my concern for what others might say, I realized that was reason enough to join.  Nick, USA

I love that it's now "ok" to be publicly not associated with God.  Jyotsna, USA

Though not usually inclined to join groups, this is such a simple and easily applicable idea I could not resist.  Lynn, USA

I smirk as I do this, but I can't help thinking that this really is a great idea, and I feel guilty for ever being silly about other groups' requests for different terminology. Tyson, USA

Please add my name to your list.  I'm always glad to see someone taking a pragmatic approach to atheist rights.

I can see real possibilities for your idea—please count me in!

Please count me in as a "Bright".  I think this is a great proposal and hope it leads to a political era of "bright [new meaning] might".

My highest goal in life is to be honest to myself. Because of the self honesty I went from Theist to Agnostic to Atheist and now to Bright. The hardest part of this journey is to have the courage to let others know of your position. But one of the benefits is getting to know a number of works of great authors such as Darwin, Gould, and Dawkins.  Robert, USA

I'll sign up to anything that has both Richard Dawkins and Dan Dennett as members. Irrationality is the biggest problem facing the world today, and I am happy to choose the side of reason. Graham, UK

Although a reluctant joiner of any organisation, I feel it is long overdue that the voices of those who think for themselves and question are not heard because individually they are too faint. Well done. May Brights prosper.  Val, UK

Long overdue - let there be peace - and sense - on earth! No more religious war!  Jon, Canada

I was a protestant child (C of E) became an atheist over 60 years ago. I am happy to be labeled a bright and hope that the term will help to open up the category to a wider acceptance. Bill, UK

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