Watch Out, World!

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

The future's so bright you've got to wear shades!  Liam, Ireland

There are world-altering issues to deal with... from hunger to global warming... justice and freedom. We as Brights can have a major influence in addressing those issues.  Howard, USA

May the 21st century after ages of darkness be BRIGHT!  Reinout, Netherlands

I feel that this is the start of something big. I honestly believe it could change the world.  Fergus, UK

About time somebody said something sensible about people who do not believe in superstition, however culturally transmitted.  John, UK

We're here, we're brights, get used to it!  Dan, Canada

Let’s Roll, I've finally accepted that we have to work with all these superstitious people.  John, USA

What a great idea! May the meme commence!  Tim, UK

It's about time we who live in the real world stand up to those who rule us through superstition and fantasy!  Michael USA

great idea---brights (should) RULE  William, USA

"Atheism" was never good enough for me, and I belief many who employ the term, employ it purely as the binary opposite to importunate religion; I would like to thrust such a term "Brights'" back at those who believe they stand in the 'miraculous light of Truth' - Thank you!  Mark, UK

I never thought about it before- beat them at their own game-go hollywood - get a publicist! I would like to help any way I can. Thank you.  Gary, US?

Wow!!  Seems an excellent idea and strategy as well.  This is a psychology that plays along with American culture and is sure to click.  Best of all, at long last we are defining ourselves in our own terms rather than as something "Not Godistic".

It's about time somebody offered this sort of voluntary, global confederation of snake oil resistant intellects. One can't really infer al that much about a person when given only the premise that they subscribe to a naturalistic worldview. But, when it come to filtering the imbecilic confirmation bias and wooly-headed-ness from one's discursive pipeline, it's a hell of a place to start.  Stephen, USA

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