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A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

I applaud any attempt to further the spirit of the Enlightenment in these times of rampant superstition and uncritical thinking.  Richard, USA

Hope that Brightness can revive the values and methods of the Enlightenment (the oft-forgotten period of history that saw the birth of the modern scientific method and of civil liberties and modern democratic ideals)!  Thomas, USA

I wholeheartedly support any effort to counter the common assumption that "there must be something out there" of a supernatural nature. Social and political progress is severely impeded by a worldview which posits supernatural actors as participants in human life.  Paul, Australia

What you are doing will help me explain to others that I don't believe Floor 13 is bad luck (we are actually on 13, but it is labeled 14… Its truly amazing what people will talk themselves into… I'm trying to teach my daughters to be free thinkers, much to my religious husband's distress. I keep asking him why he believes what he believes and like others can't explain why. I tell them because it has been so culturally ingrained in us from day one, in school, work, everywhere to believe a certain way that by time you are an adult you can't think for yourself anymore.  It’s a shame.  Cindy, USA

This organization is long over due. We may now be able to offer a fresh breath of reality into the sappy attitudes that are ubiquitous and devoid of meaningful thinking.  Jack, USA

Finally, a group has articulated what I have felt all along: that unbelievers can be ethical role models and upstanding Americans. Let's be vocal and visible. As a former high school teacher and now a doctoral student in Spanish, I have struggled to articulate an ethical, secular vision that didn't offend the Bible-thumping parents of some of my students. It is most important that we articulate and assert a vision of what the First Amendment's Establishment Clause means.  Jay, USA

I think it's time humanity grew up, recognising ancient myths as a cultural heritage, and no more (than that). For me, signing up is a small contribution to that transformation.  Graham, South Africa

Recognise & respect others’ beliefs, but too much effort squandered on praying to non-existent god`s & dancing round totem poles. The abundance of scientific evidence demanding we humans must grow-up and act humane is overwhelming !!!  Ian, UK

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