Optimists: Looking on the "Bright Side"

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

Signing on to this movement feels right. We have to let the world know that we exist and that we are good, productive, ethical people. The existing stereotypes about the non-religious must die.  Thomas, USA

I am delighted to hear of your ideas and enthusiastically embrace the label. Many thanks Mary Ann, USA

I think this is a wonderful idea and meets a desperate need in the current political culture.  Irving, USA

It seems to me that many outreach programs (such as parade appearances, blood drives, adopt-a-highway etc.) would work better with "Bright" rather than "Atheist."  Steve, USA

Great idea! I have always been a little nervous about most of the terms used to describe myself and fellow "free thinkers." Far better to use an "up" word, as Dawkins terms it, than to be against something most people cling to. Let's hope that someday we will all be brightly saying "Meme or ease are made of this!" (Pax Dean Martin!)  David, Japan

I am a humanist counselor, living in what may well be humanist hell. But we shall overcome!  William, USA

From the moment I left god, I was waiting for an authority to follow. I have faith in Dawkins and Dennett! Long life to our lords! Just joking, of course... Let's see if the meme works.  Giuseppe, Italy

I think that this is a long overdue and brilliant idea. I am confident that it will take off and be of enormous benefit to the human race. Jean, Great Britain

I am very happy being a bright. My life was never better than when I shed my supernatural beliefs and embraced the natural view of the universe. Alan, USA

It is a great privilege to call myself a bright. We have been in need of such a word for a long time. I hope it catches on soon and spreads out to other languages… Daniel, Brazil

This sounds like an idea whose time has come.  James, USA

Now that's what I call a bright idea! Goodbye to the Dark Ages - hello to a bright future! Best wishes.  Keith, UK

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