Hooray, and "Go for It!"

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

We REALLY REALLY need something like this - I hope all of us Brights can see past our petty differences and get together behind this. And a lot of the objections I am seeing on this site really are petty. Come on fellow atheists/freethinkers/humanists/etc. - WE NEED THIS!  Rose Anne, Canada

This is a great idea! With Dennett and Dawkins on board (two of my heros!) this movement has real potential. It's time to expose the simple minded religious bigotry which permeates politics in the U.S. and the West. A self-declared Fascist child molester would have a better chance of running for President in the U.S. than an atheist. Good luck and count on my support. Andrew, Canada

Bright On, Bros!!  Dick, USA

I think it's a great idea to do this and maybe it will make "brights" feel a bit less embattled and alone. And hopefully we "godless" folk may earn a little respect. Carol, USA

HOOHAH!   Richard, Canada

I hope that with the millions of other Brights we can put out the darkness that fills so much of the world - particularly in USA - where there should be light.  David Godfrey

Shine on Brights!  June, UK

Too much cultural baggage currently adheres to the current terms which are used to describe those of us with a naturalistic worldview. Let's hope the word "bright" takes hold and memes itself into societal consciousness, bringing along others and raising awareness. If some Hollywood movie and TV script writers an be induced to use the term, it may also have an impact. Think of phrases such as "Get a life" that have become part of everyday use, mostly through tv usage. Good luck!  Ben

"Bright on"   Terry, USA

I am a firm believer in the power of words and in the need for consciousness raising. May rationalism prevail. Mark, USA

About time somebody tried something like this!  Jim USA

How refreshing! I have long been frustrated and upset by the apologetic way in which those without religion are forced to define themselves purely negatively ('a' theists, non-believers, etc.) This is a step forward, and hopefully one which will define itself politically to combat the overwhelming force of religious fundamentalists of all stripes who, despite all talk of secularism, control political life all over the world -- Britain and America included.  Sunil, UK

Let's hope this catches on - I love the idea  Catherine, Australia

I just wanted to add that as I am a scientist I come across many brights, some of whom I swear don't even realize they are one! I certainly hope this could amount to something... Matthew, USA

Hope it catches on.  Ben USA

A shining new meme engulfs the world.  Dusk, Australia

Humbled but hopeful - from little things big things grow... Cheers.  Michael, Australia

We need all the Brights we can get in Northern Ireland!! Hopefully I'll be one of many.  Ian, UK

I look forward to learning more and growing with Bright! Long live the free thinkers.  Paige, USA

Let's hope this catches on - I love the idea.  Catherine, Australia

Neat idea, hope it works. Clifton, UK

It's time has come! It excites me to know that it is about to happen, and to be able to participate in the “happening."  David, NZ

Good idea, this is. Let's see what comes of this!  Gabriel, Singapore

Great initiative! Heard about it from an e- mail newsletter about language. Jim, Netherlands

I wish you; "us" good luck. We, non believers of all stripes, must unite under this "bright" umbrella to present a strong, positive image to the world, which hopefully, ultimately will effect a positive change for the better.

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