A Winning Word (Meme?)

A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

Our language had long been coloured by religious assumptions---this is a good way to start redressing the balance-Thank you!!! Roger, UK

What a great idea! For years I've been dissatisfied with (a) word that only reveals what one is not -- rather than what one is. Anne, Canada

Excellent meme, I hope it survives and prospers ;-)   Tony, Ireland

I am glad we are trying to provide people with a word that strips away the useless intellectual stuffiness…  Paul NZ

One of my big concerns is the negative labels Non-this and Not that. They only serve to remind everyone what you are not, not what you are. As the hypnotic phrase “you don’t have to listen to …” is interpreted by the listener as “Listen to …” so is “non-religious” interpreted as “Religious.” Here’s to being a Bright!  Jack, USA

This is an idea, I think, whose time has come. Now I can give a more definitive term to my children.  Darren, USA

I'm proud to be a Bright! Well done on creating this new uplifting ideological description!  Mario, UK

Having long called myself atheist or agnostic according to the company I'm keeping, I now hasten to come out as a Bright. Congratulations and good luck. We may be in on the start of something really transforming. Anna, UK

How interesting! Let's see if it catches on.   Lindsay Williams, UK

Every so often someone comes up with bright idea! I like the label and proud to be stuck with it!  Ross, NZ

I am utterly enthralled and enchanted with your new meme. Dean, USA

It's about time. … I'm going to go start using this term conversationally this weekend.  Marquis, USA

I also like the symbolism of brights being the inquisitive seekers of knowledge, shining a light into the darkness of blind faith.  Stephen, Australia

I think this is an excellent idea, and I hope it catches on quickly. I dislike being called (what’s) considered something negative, or even an insult sometimes, not to mention bright sounds better.  Azhia, Canada

I have never been happy with any of the definitions for atheist, agnostic or even humanist. However, the definition given here for brights fits very well with my own views.  Ken, UK

Thank you for your clear analysis of the power of words. Bright is an excelent choice of name. It's definition is restrictive enough to include someone like me who uses Buddhist meditation techniques without belief in the supernatural. Good luck to you.  Dennis, Canada

It sounds a lot better than calling yourself a "metaphysical naturalist" or an “atheist.”  Jordon, USA

It's about time. P.S. I consider myself agnostic rather than an atheist. I mention this as I prefer to be pro naturalistic rather than anti-god.  Jim USA

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