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A sampling of comments made by individuals on the sign-up sheet and in emails

When I have been asked about religion, my answer has always been: None of the Above. Now I can say: I'm a Bright!  Sarah, USA

I'll be emailing friends and colleagues your website address, in the cause of helping the "Bright" meme replicate.  Paul, UK

Good luck in spreading the term 'bright'! I will try to do my bit - I doubt people will think me more odd than when I say that I am agnostic. In my experience people know a whole lot more about different religious belief systems than naturalistic ones.  Peter, UK

Fabulous idea....I will certainly carry the flame (yes I know it is a sad pun!) to all my friends who fit into the bright definition.  Belinda, Australia

An excellent idea. I'm proud to come out as a bright. I will spread the word (in fact I've already started). David, UK

This is an initiative which we need desperately. I'll be calling myself a Bright from now on, and spreading the word. Kim, UK

A brilliant idea! Hope to spread the word in Sweden.  Dan

Hi there, what a brilliant (pun intended) idea.  I have always adjusted my terminology depending on my audience.  You have now equipped me with a single word which covers it all.  How can one react negatively to such a positive-sounding word?  I enjoyed the presentation and hope to spread the word in Western Canada.   Lorrie, Canada

What a wonderful idea! I will do my best to spread the word through this northern-most province of Thailand. I wish you all the very best.  Glenn, Thailand

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