Individual Activities

A Bright can quite independently play a valuable role in the Brights’ endeavor. Here are some example ways to contribute as a constituent almost entirely on one’s own accord.

Show You Are a Bright

There are many circumstances in which you may wish to let others know your worldview is naturalistic, or that you belong to a constituency of people that is working for civic acknowledgement and acceptance of brights everywhere.


  • Wear a button or a lapel pin. It's a great way to start a friendly and informative conversation.
  • Help to establish the visual identity of the movement by wearing or using merchandise that carries the logo of the Brights' movement.

Lapel Pin

Check out the Brights' Merchandise

Invite Others to the Site

An early priority of the movement is to acquaint others with the existence and aims of the Brights. There are varied ways to get the word around to other individuals who might be interested in visiting the website to learn more.


Respond to "Brighten Opportunities"

Occasional special bulletins from the Brights’ hub will specify a timely action that Brights can take. Individuals read the Bulletins and respond when they concur with the worth of the suggestion or feel they have something to contribute on the issue of interest. (Note: Sometimes a “BrightenOp” will be presented as a portion of a regular Bulletin.)

BrightenOp actions may be directed outside or inside the Brights’ Network. If the former, they are seen to align well with the broad civic aims of the movement and generally help advance some aspect of the overall endeavor. If the latter, they generally involve a step in a Brights’ project (oftentimes, the Brights’ hub will seek advice from constituents by way of a BrightenOp).


  • Go to the Brights’ polling form to take a poll (polls are frequently announced in the Bulletin)
  • Write a letter to a target (e.g., legislator) to state an opinion on a timely issue
  • Brainstorm (as requested) and send in your best shot suggestion
  • To be informed of opportune actions to foster the movement in a window of time, one needs an active subscription to emailed Bulletins.

Turn Up the Brightness

Participate in General Awareness Projects

To enlarge awareness of the Brights movement in a targeted population (media, politicians, etc.), Brights Central will occasionally post on the website a suggested idea for individual action. Click to see the The Brights' "Here We Are" Project.

Write Letters and Articles

All Brights are encouraged to be individually forthright about their naturalistic worldview in letters to editors in publications they receive. Many Brights are well qualified to produce OpEd essays or articles for public media (newspapers, periodicals, magazines, etc.). It is hoped that Brights will endeavor not only to express their naturalistic worldview as such (e.g., “as a person who holds a naturalistic worldview”), but to do so by way of a constructive rather than off-putting tone.

Mention the Brights

It may be feasible to incorporate specific mention of the Brights’ civic endeavor in a letter or article. If so, one should be thoroughly versed not only in the definition, but also in the three purposes and nine principles of the Brights' Net (all can be easily located on the home page).

The Brights' Net has a policy regarding communications. It covers speaking as Brights in position statements, publications, manifestos (such as might be presented on a different website), and assertions of Brights speaking as Brights (such as in letters to the editors). The statement is rather long, but not complex. The policy makes explicit the concept that The Brights' Net is a constituency of individuals. Furthermore, no Bright or cluster of Brights (including the Co-Directors) can presume to represent all Brights (that is the very nature of a constituency).

A Writer’s Self-Check

Lengthy letters to editors are seldom published, so pay close attention to the publication guidelines. When speaking about the Brights, a writer should

The Brights' Net welcomes notification of any published item regarding the civic status of persons who hold naturalistic worldviews. On this topic, the Brights’ Net can give notice of any pertinent articles by Brights via an item in the Bulletin. Exemplary letters may be selected to appear on the Web site. Email notice via a link to the published material, or send a copy of the text, complete with full publication citation. Put in the subject line: “My Published Item” (in uppercase letters).

Contribute a Mini-Article

The Brights’ constituency has within it many skilled writers. Those who can develop substantive content, write in an appealing fashion, and end up with something short (definitely, short) are invited to volunteer to practice their craft and simultaneously promote the Brights’ endeavor with pieces of general interest. Please see the Guidelines for Mini-Article Submission .

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