Action Arena #1
Reality about Human Morality

(November 2013)

Brights Central is currently coordinating a small project to help advance the overall Morality Project.

All Brights who have interest in the all-around endeavor are invited to help facilitate and expedite this portion of the Morality Project.

Current Activity

Right now we are accumulating funding to produce an infographic* for dissemination.

First, let's transform our four scientifically substantiated conclusions about human morality into a visual form more appropriate for meaningful transmission via Internet and making a noticeable impact. (The simple visual presentation will of course include links to accompanying research studies and supporting data.)

Then, let's disseminate the visual broadly.

Representing the essential information visually will
enable more individuals to catch on to
the main ingredients of the assertions/conclusions.

With expert guidance in transforming from text to visual, all of the conclusions reached from data can be made much more meaningful to the public.

Example assertion: "Morality is not the exclusive domain of humans; there are basic patterns of animal moral behavior that parallel human moral behavior." How many more people will likely grasp this idea when it is illustrated in context (rather than just stated textually).

We will be contracting with a company that specializes in this type of endeavor. If you would like to expedite creation of the product and/or amplify its propagation, please give some financial support to this phase of the Morality Project.

*Note: If you'd like to see an example of an "infographic", click here.

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