In general, The Brights' Net encourages participants in the movement to be candid about their values and beliefs.


  • Be honest with others about having a worldview that does not rely on supernatural or mystical understandings.
    • Just say simply, “I have a naturalistic worldview” and then anticipate the need to explain further.
  • Be prepared to illustrate a wide range of beliefs that you do have
    • Strive to express your beliefs in positive terms rather than with negatives

Conversation Starter

Hey - what is that emblem on your shirt there?
It's the symbol of "the Brights" - I am a participant.
What's "the Brights"? [You follow with your own personal "elevator speech" - this is just an example]
It's an online constituency. We're in a network - individuals from all over the globe. Each of us has a naturalistic worldview. No supernatural - that's just how we see the world. (We generally tend more toward the science end of things.) And we want fuller acknowledgment of citizens like ourselves. Equal representation, that is. Inclusive participation. It just doesn't exist right now in our culture. But we think it should. And we like to say so.

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