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The Brights' Net is pursuing a large experiment in diffusing responsibility and seeking to accomplish substantive work of this movement by means of the Internet and volunteers. One attempt to maximize constituent participation in an organized fashion with low overhead involves "task teams." With these teams, the labor and expenses connected to some defined projects become the responsibility of a team of volunteers and do not cost a lot to implement.

Identify Yourself: There are a variety of supporting materials to help you spread the word regarding The Brights’ Net, including: banners for your web site, Brights’ wallet cards, mini-fliers, and professional-level, camera-ready logo art. Logos, Icons, & Banner Downloads

Task Teams: One highly successful project was the design and production of a Brights' Forum, in which volunteers from different nations collaborated to launch a communication capability for Brights. A current project involves translation of essentials of this Web site into French, which will serve as a pilot for further language translations. The significant upgrade of this site from its original form involved a team of Brights who had Web development expertise. We hope eventually to engage a similar team in an endeavor to infuse the site with various decision tools for Brights to move into an action arena. This last project is an example of a project that requires financial support to implement.

Join a Task Team! Be a Task Team Leader! Please watch the periodic Brights' Bulletins for opportunities to use your talents in this movement.

Brights Local Constituency (BLC): A number of Brights have requested e-mails of other Brights in order to gather together some sort of "local constituency".  [Example of the concept: Juan in Brazil wants to meet other Brights in or nearby San Paolo. The Net could send out an e-mailing to the San Paolo Brights to say that, if a person wants to gather locally, then to directly contact Juan, who has volunteered his e-mail.] There currently are around 20 BLCs in a variety of nations.

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