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This page offers you a "shopping route" to Amazon that benefits the Brights. Occasionally a Brights' Bulletin will describe a product (most commonly a book or books written by a notable Bright) and mention that the product is available for purchase through Amazon. Our website also points out such products (e.g., in the "Books by Brights").

If you choose to order your item through Amazon (e.g., .uk, .com, .ca, .fr, .de) rather than by other means, you can use the Amazon search widget on this web page. When you go through the widget to buy, The Brights' Net will receive from Amazon a small commission on the purchase(s) made during your shopping trip to buy the "Brights-advertised" item(s).

Please note that if you stop your session without completing your desired purchase, the commision linkage is suspended. This means that you must initiate the linkage again when you come back later to buy your item(s).  

To make a purchase, simply enter any product name or book title in the appropriate Amazon search field.

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